viviyipartroom: taking life as it goes

Be it when we just began (vivi yip art room was formally opened with Hendra “He-He” Harsono’s solo exhibition on June 28, 2008) or later on in our journey, we in the art room have always wished to maintain our existence in an honest, easy-going manner, taking life as it goes. We try to probe the art world with its various elements (including, among others, the artists, collectors, art market, art criticism, and the curatorial aspect), taking them as they are. We respond to them just as we are, too, with our capability just as it is. Just as we are: vivi yip is my name, and the art room is a rectangular space of around 100 m2 that we use to present the art works.

This honest, open attitude of taking life as it goes is in harmony with our way of life. We just want to go with the flow and the dynamics of the art world, the world that, following our previous journeys, which included around ten years of experience working at the Sotheby’s auction house, turns out to be the world we love profoundly. In the past, present, and the future, our gallery will exist just as it is, without having to dwell too much upon defining our position or positioning. To quote a poem: we simply want to “be present and glide.”

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