Navigating The Landscape of Loss and Grief

Category: Gallery

Facing a sudden loss of something/someone very significant to you would land you in a deep, disorienting grief. In your efforts to navigate it, you are compelled to intense rumination – questioning everything about yourself, others, and life. Along the way through the pain, you make unexpected discoveries and gain deeper understanding and compassion about people and life. It implies the transformative power of catasthropes to propel us to a better understanding on what it is to be human.

A strange, unkown and rugged landscape composed of carved oxidised copper pipes. It is perilous with sudden drops and pointy peaks. It is dazzling with the rich nuances of shimmering golden, rust, wine and dark brown tones. Set on a base with stainless-steel surface polished to mirror-llike, signifying inward contemplation to look deep within one’s self, reflections of inner-self.

Size 210 x 30 x 184 cm
Medium copper, tin, stainless steel
Year 2017

Published: July 29, 2018

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