Artist profile: ValÉrie Torcheux

Category: Curatorial

Valérie Torcheux born in Provence, South East of France, she spent a large part of her life living abroad in UK and Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and now Singapore) but still enjoy being back at home in Normandy – France. She picked up pottery first while in London mainly for hand building and moved to the potter’s wheel while in Japan attending classes 4 times a week in a pottery centre near Senkeien garden in Yokohama. There she learned how to use Japanese tools, and different Japanese technics, like, nerikomi, washizome, mishima, bizen firing…

She is now perfecting her technic in her own studio in Singapore at home. Her works is very eclectic, focusing on decorative objects with some Japanese influences, always trying to innovate.

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Published: January 18, 2016

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