Artist profile: Theresia Agustina Sitompul

Category: Curatorial

This series came to my mind when I ponder on how could I as an artist juggles my role as mother and wife. Graphic works in the process of making involves chemicals that are not only acidic but also smelly. I work in a studio and as a mother I have no choice but to bring my daughter along. I realized that it is not healthy for my daughter to be around these chemicals until I found the perfect substitute for printing ink and it is carbon.

Yes, carbon. Carbon has been my creative buddy for the past three years. Working with carbon made my artistic work hazard free and I can work at home and be with my daughter with no worry of danger, whilst in the same time I can do my other house chores. Carbon technique has been my ideal creative tool, I could scrub it on paper, textile, clothes or even fashion which I am into now. And I also took inspiration for my objects from things I have around the house, from underwear, tshirt, dress, shirt, socks, jeans etc. By creating from daily domestic necessities that I found around the house, I am transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

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Published: January 18, 2016

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