Artist Profile: Agan Harahap

Category: Curatorial

‘Reality’ show on photos. Agan has always been intrigue by the way people swarm internet and its flux of information that are so intense and attacking the viewers without much consciousness from the object. Almost every second there are new updates, be it on the e-news, group chats that went viral instantly. He wanted to be part of it, only he playfully inserting his own version of reality into the virtual world. He is testing the consciousness of the viewer, how far and how much can they be bedazzled from reality. Are we really in control of technology or it is controlling us in the end?

His digital imaging photos are purposely uploaded into virtual, his objective is to see if those “his-made reality” could be dumbfounded accepted and went viral effortlessly, when it does, for Agan, that is an exhibition of his artworks.

Agan Harahap, began his career as a painter and illustrator when he was a graphic design student at STDI (Design and Art College) in Bandung, Indonesia. After graduate (2005), he moved to Jakarta. His first job is a digital imaging artist in Tarzan Photo Studio.

After a year, he quit and join a Trax Magazine (Indonesian based music magazine) as a senior photographer. At 2008, he was one of a finalist for Indonesian Art Award. And a year later, his first solo exhibition was held in MES 56 Yogyakarta and he began to participated in numbers of photography exhibition. By the end of September 2011, he quit his job and now becoming a full time artist.

His works combined between fantasy and reality , satire parody of human life. He also participated in a numbers of exhibition in Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Colombia and Australia.

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Published: January 18, 2016

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