Silahturahmi Gorilla Glass

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Visiting each other or meet up to catch up on each other’s life has been a culture, a part of lifestyle for us, especially Asian. Yet, with the technology available, contemporary lifestyle has adapted some new habits. Needs are not based on something basic anymore, but more of the functions; for instance: internet connectivity. “I will be fine without internet for a week,” I declared. The fact is, when I run out of internet quota, that moment I went into panic mode and run to nearest available wifi spot. From this point of view, our need to catch up has been substitute by a thin screen in today’s online media…. is it shallow? Or it’s OK for the sake of efficiency? It all comes back to us personally. Obviously, there is no perfect solution, there will always be a flaw even as small as dust, the same dust that can scratch our break-proof smartphone screen.



Silahturahmi Gorilla Glass
122x84cm, Acrylic on canvas (2015)

Published: January 11, 2016

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