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I’m sure everyone who knows Tere agrees that she is a nice person. By nice, I mean friendly, modest, warm, considerate and always helpful. And for those who have seen her artworks will agrees that she is a talented artist. Her first solo exhibition last year was well received by collectors, critics and medias.

Juggling between roles, Tere as a person, as an artist, as a wife and a mother, she embraces life with a happy and easy-going attitude. During preparation of her second show, she told me how she is learning to be positive towards life from her daughter, Blora. I found this statement fascinating, a mother is learning from her barely 2 years old baby girl. But, having spent two days with Blora, I can see what Tere meant. Blora is like any other 2 years old, absorbing new things around her, playing frantically with butterfly, running around, jumping with joys in a car ride, singing and dancing along disco music. Blora is little girl with big presence, when she has a moment with you, she’ll look at you with her round big eyes as if you are the only one in the world that matter to her and from her brown pupil you can actually see yourself, and slowly you will feel peaceful as if everything is and will be fine.

Observing Blora, watching her grow-up, teaching her new things, worrying for her are Tere’s biggest ordeal at the moment and she transformed her love, hope and dream for her daughter into artworks. Her ability to connect her soul, mind and body and projecting her feelings into her art make us feel with her, hope and love with her. A rare quality yet comes natural in Tere and this makes me believe she will become one of the most prominent contemporary Indonesian artists in no time.

Life is beautiful and exciting; truth that diminish along with age, which doesn’t have to be that way. It’s magical, the world of children. It gives us hope and remind us the purpose of living – Loving.


vivi yip

Published: April 23, 2010

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