The Goodness

Category: Gallery

3-acrylic on teakblock-115x112cm-2013 4-we are under the same clouds-acrylic on teakblock-122x93cm-2013 5-guidance for next step-acrylic on teakblock-122x143cm-2013 6-think for a goodness-acrylic on teakblock-93x163cm-2013 7-sleepwalker-acrylic on teakblock-60x120cm-2013 8-prosperity for our descendent-acrylic on teakblock-82x120cm-2013 good time for dreaming-ink on paper-2013 guidance for next step-ink on paper-2013 i keep this cloud-ink on paper-2013 mountain boy-ink on paper-2012 mr bloom mustache-ink on paper-2012 mr.wood-ink on paper-2012 properity for our descendant-ink on paper-2012 sleepwalker-ink on paper-2012 the grey sermon-ink on paper-2013 think for goodness-ink on paper-2013 two layer-ink on paper-2012 twoface-ink on paper-2012 untitled-ink on paper-2013 waiting for a good day-ink on paper-2012 we are under the same clouds-ink on paper-2013 we produce what we sliced-ink on paper-2012 1-good time for dreaming-acrylic on teakblock-84x134cm-2013 2-waiting for good day-acrylic on teakblock-145x117cm-2013

Published: April 9, 2013

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