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Check out Angki Purbandono’s first Singapore solo show at S.Bin Art Plus.

Arguably, Indonesia’s most recognized contemporary photographer, and a founder of the Mes56 photo-collective in Jogja, Angki uses ‘scannography’, a technique that completely does away with the camera, in favor of directly scanning physical objects and printing them on paper. Titled ‘Top Pop’, the show examines urban development in the uber-developed city-state.

In his search for the city’s authentic soul, Angki has created an impressive body of work that shines the light on globalization, the layering of west over east, social disconnectedness in an ever-networked world, human isolation, and ultimately, the dubious role of this modern city as a model of development for emerging Southeast Asia.

The ‘photos’, available in 3 formats – light boxes, metallic kodak paper, or mounted on aluminum dibond – are gorgeously slick and jump out at the viewer, forcing confrontation. Angki blows up tiny objects into giant totems of our urban world – disjointed Barbie doll figures wrapped in used plastic shopping bags, or bursting out of yellow television boxes, tiny cars trapped in never-ending gridlock.

This is a body of work that demands viewing up-close. Coincidentally, and perhaps fittingly, one of the works has already found its way to the upcoming Sothebys spring auction in HK.

Congratulations to Aniela Rahardja and Vivi Yip for putting on a thoughtful, provocative, and visually stunning show.


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This March, SBin Art Plus will be holding its first photography exhibition – TOP POP, a digital image showcase of “Singapore Idealism” as interpreted by one of Indonesia’s most significant visual artists – Yogyakarta-based Angki Purbandono.

Published: March 22, 2011

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