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“Since his debut in 2005, Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa has become a prominent name in the lowbrow art and designer toy cultures.

His work has been featured in galleries in the U.S., Germany and Indonesia, and he has collaborated with artists and companies including Huck Gee, Disney Asia, Something.Ill, Pot Meets Pop, Adfunture, Plastic Culture and My Tummy Toys.

Vilmansa pegs childhood characters and his architecture background as significant influences on his art. “I like a few animals that have an aura of evil and (are) also funny,” he said, citing Mickey Mouse, pandas and killer whales as examples – all of which helped spawn Vilmansa’s iconic “Arkiv” character.

But it all begins with that bold, curvy style, reminiscent of graffiti art.

“The marker is a weapon. As an architect I always start everything with the lines.”


Solo Exhibition:

July                  2009    @ Art Asylum Boston Gallery “Art Strikes Back”, United States

November       2009    @ ONEWAY Gallery Taipei “Perfect Symetry”, Taiwan

October           2010    @ Vivi Yip Art Room “Riding Curves”, Indonesia

November       2010    @ Gaby Dela Merced (VinylonVinyl) Gallery Manila, Philippines

March              2011    @ Vincent Michael Gallery POrtland, United States

May                 2011    @ ToyArtGallery Los Angeles, United States

June                 2011    @ Zimmermann & Heitmann Gallery Dortmund, Germany

June                 2011    @ Artscouting Gallery Berlin, Germany

France                         (TBA)

United Kingdom         (TBA)

Italy                             (TBA)

Collaborations 2007-2010

Airplane                                                          (Indonesia)

Arkiv x MAD’L                                              (UNITED STATES)

Something ill STUDIOS Los Angeles            (UNITED STATES)

Touma                                                             (Japan)

Bling Crosby Los Angeles                              (United States)

Mackoo Project London                                 (United KIngdom)

Sizza                                                                (Italy)

Younique Gallery                                            (United States)

Adfunture                                                       (Shanghai)

Newwebpick                                                   (Hongkong)

Disney Asia                                                     (Hongkong)

JSD Studios                                                    (United States)

Huck Gee                                                        (United States)

Plastic Culture                                                 (Indonesia)

Potmeetspop                                                   (Indonesia)

Warchild www.warchild.org.uk (United Kingdom)

Mytummytoys                                                 (Indonesia)

Published: October 15, 2010

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